Adding a signature to your posts with WordPress Short Codes

My latest tweak to this website is the addition of a signature at the end of each blog post,  this change lets me add a brief profile of myself to the end of the site along with a few links to social media profiles such as Twitter and LinkedIn. This means that if my blog posts found their way onto another website then there would still be links back to my content so users would know who wrote the original content. This would only protect from automated RSS feed systems that read my RSS feed and automatically duplicate the content on their websites but would not help with people copying and pasting.

The new signature can be seen at the bottom of this post (and any of my newer posts), I have added it to WordPress as a short code so that it is included with the content of the post and not part of the page template, so while it does mean i need to add it to each post as its a short code its very easy to do  – i have set it to (alex) – just with square brackets.

This means that when i type the WordPress Short Code (alex) the CMS will automatically replace the short code with the HTML for my signature, another benifit of this method is that if i wanted to update it in anyway i only need to update the WordPress functions file and the CMS will automatically update all of the blog posts with the Short Code in for me. Find out more about creating your own WordPress Short Codes here

As the signature is HTML it means that you can have anything you want as a signature – in my case i have kept it simple with a simple description of who i am and links to my social media profiles as well as my RSS feed. This means that if someone is interested in learning more about who i am or other possible blog posts they will have all of the links they need to find this information.

On websites that feature several authors this feature could be adapted to allow each individual author their own signature giving the website a more personal feel. To do this all you need to do is create a separate Short Code for each author making sure to give the Short Code caller a different name e.g. the authors name.

With your signature appearing on every page / post on your websites it is a good idea to think about what keywords you want to include to improve the SEO of your website – however it will also be duplicate content so make sure you don’t go overboard and keep it simple.


Blog post by Alex Wells

Blog post by: Alex Wells

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