Why is content so important?

There is an old saying when looking at a websites performance ‘content is king’ this has never been more true then in recent months with the latest series of updates of Googles search engine, Google is playing a never ending cat and mouse game with website owners with Google trying to provide its users with the most relevant and useful results while website owners are trying to push their website to the top of the results – a position that can generate thousands in additional sales so it’s easy to see why people try to take advantage.

Google however want to ensure they are providing the best possible search results to their users as a more effective service means more users and in turn more revenue for Google through advertising so they are constantly trying to improve their results and filter out the ‘low value’ results that website owners have pushed into the search results.

Recent updates to the search engine have had dramatic effects in the performance of some websites as its removed some ranking factors at used to be vital to a well performing website – this is something they have done several times in the past because people use the ranking factors to push the sites and as Google further refine their search engine websites that are attempting to ‘trick’ their way to the top will continue to suffer with each update.

Content is king

So what’s the best way to rank well without risking issues when Google update their search engine? the answer is simple – create high quality engaging content – by creating content that users will want to consume not only will Google view your website more favourably but your website will also benefit from social media sharing resulting in further increases in visitors.

So how do you go about adding content to your website? for many the easiest solution is to add a news or blog sections which then enables you to post regular contributions to your website that do not necessarily  need to be structured like product information pages. Other possible ideas would be to add FAQ guides or product guides on your products or services all of which should not only increase the amount of content but also benefit your customers.

Adding regular additions to your website does not need to be an expensive experience with a content management system (click here to learn more about what a CMS is) as this will enable you to make changes to your website yourself – talk to your website developer to learn more about the options for upgrading your website to incorporate a CMS if you don’t currently have one.

Before starting to write additional content for your website make sure to take some time and research keywords as this research will let you know what search terms people are using to find your services and you can make sure to include them in your content to help your rankings more on what keywords are can be found here and there is more information on how to do keyword research here.

In summary build a good website with decent content and not only will you rank in Google searches but you will be unaffected by Google search engine updates

Blog post by Alex Wells

Blog post by: Alex Wells

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