Website design and development

My name is Alex Wells, I specialise in Website Design & Development. I work closely with clients to design and develop a website that will meet their business needs.

I have over ten years of experience, working with a range of businesses to develop websites of all sizes. From simple informative websites designed to give small businesses an online presence, too medium and large organisations whose websites feature complex business systems.

I am a full stack developer who enjoys using HTML, CSS, JS and PHP alongside WordPress to create bespoke websites that give clients full control over their websites.


When deployed correctly, this Content Management System (CMS) is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool, it enables you to update your website and its content directly. By giving you this level of control over your website, its true potential can be used to maximise its performance for your marketing and your business.

WordPress is an open-source platform, this means it’s freely available for use for any website project, it has a thriving community that helps to continue its development and support while at the same time providing a wealth of plugins and themes.

The community and its flexibility have led to WordPress being the most popular CMS in the world, it started as a blogging platform, but today it has grown into a fully fledged CMS able to power any type of website.

Keeping WordPress in mind while designing and developing a website means I incorporate its requirements into the project from the start, giving a better result.

Website Design

The web design stage of a new website project is vital to ensuring the result not only looks good but is also serving the business needs.

Web design starts by reviewing the business and its needs for the new website, this lets us identify what goals the project needs to meet and the key areas of the business.

The research phase will help set out site plans, examples of websites the client likes, and which features the project will need. A site plan will find the key areas of the business and help to identify the key pages and the content required.

The information gathered from the research feeds into the design process, for example, calls to action can be incorporated helping to drive users to the identified key pages and the users flow through the site designed to maximise conversions.

With my experience, I’m able to design and develop each website from scratch, ensuring full control over the entire process and ensure the result is as effective as possible.

The design phase also helps to identify a responsive stagey for the website. We can design key areas to flow well no matter the screen size or device. By doing this at the start we can build the website to be fully responsive, giving you all the benefits this brings not only to your users but the website’s ranking and conversion rates.

Website Development

With a design in place the development of the website can take place, with over ten years’ experience in using WordPress to develop websites, I can create strong and flexible websites.

I focus on creating fast and efficient websites that do not get bogged down with bloated plugins and themes that can rob a website of its performance or limit the flexibility of the site, preventing it from truly meeting the business needs.

I will develop websites on a testing server, this lets me create the website on the platform it will eventually be published on helping me to test it as I progress to ensure its performance is constantly monitored.

The testing server will also allow clients to view and provide feedback on the progress while still under development, content imported, and the client trained on the use of WordPress before the new site goes live.

With the website development complete, I can move the website from the testing server onto its hosting and made live, I have a full checklist in place for this process helping to ensure a smooth transition.

Website updates and support

Going live is only the start of a website project, truly successful websites are those that are constantly reviewed and updated.

WordPress allows users to update the content directly without the help of their web developer, but ongoing help and support means this process is as easy as possible.

Additional features and upgrades can update the website as and when business needs change, this is part of the natural development of a website.

I have seen first-hand how this can really help businesses adapt and grow to meet challenges, from adding ecommerce, blogs or integrating with external services.

Not all users want to, or have the time to update their websites directly. Support packages help to provide these users with the support needed to keep the website updated.