Website Design Projects – What to Expect

As a business owner who is about to get a website, you would want the best features with high visibility and recognition. A professional web design and development company can help you build this quickly. Bear in mind though, that creating and designing a website is more than just a couple of web pages put together. There are coding and layouts involved, amongst various other elements essential in achieving an engaging and profitable website.

When it comes to building a website, it helps to have a process to follow, especially if you are new to it. Following good guidelines help you work better and get things running along more smoothly. Web designers may not all necessarily follow one methodology throughout, but the basics remain the same.

A typical web design project goes through a standard six step process: learn, plan, design, code, launch and maintain.

Learning is the most fundamental step of web design process. Done more so on the designer’s part, it is as important for you as the business owner to learn what to expect from the designers, as well as to take in all their expert advice. The more they know what you want and need to accomplish, the better your chances of ending up with a successful website. Don’t be intimidated by the million and one questions the experts throw at you. In fact, you should be relieved and give them your utmost confidence. They are merely proactively finding out what you want.

Once, they’ve learned what needs to be built, they then need to plan how to make it happen – and it all begins with establishing a design strategy. A lot of serious research, brainstorming, sketching and mock-ups are done in this step of the website design process. This is also where ideas take on more of a tangible state.

When the legwork of learning and planning are done, it makes the next step, design, much easier. The design phase itself is pretty straightforward. It’s practically bringing the mock-ups to life and really sweating the details. At this stage, the experts will be seeking a lot of feedback from you. It is absolutely critical that you are completely satisfied with the outcome, as once the coding is put in, it’s ten times more difficult to make what would be a simple change here.

Once you’re happy with everything, all the coding is implemented and your website becomes real and live. All the validating and testing are also done at this stage to avoid any hiccups once launched.

The final step of the process is maintenance. This optional step may be carried by the experts or by yourself. If you choose the latter, the web designers will brief you on how to properly maintain the site.

The most important thing throughout the whole process is for you to continuously give the web designers feedback and for them to constantly seek feedback from you. A lot of time and effort, not to mention headaches, can be saved by doing this.

Blog post by Alex Wells

Blog post by: Alex Wells

Based in Saffron Walden, Essex, I have over 10 years experience in crafting bespoke websites for a wide range of clients, I love helping businesses and individuals achieve their digital goals through smart deployment of modern web technologies.

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