Just how easy is it to update your own WordPress website?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that enables people who do not know how to code websites to update their own website using a simple and easy to use ‘admin’ area. This system typically lets you update the copy on the website, add images and other media as well as updating and adding new posts to either a blog or news section. To learn more about what a CMS is read my post: What is a Content Management System?

Updating a website built in WordPress is very easy (especially compared to transitional websites) it works much the same way as other applications you use online such as email clients, shopping websites or office applications you simply type the content into a box and press save as shown in the example below:

WordPress editor

you can do standard things such as make text bold or insert links all using the tool bars built into the editor, simply put if you have sent an email before you should be able to update the content on a WordPress website! If you are looking at starting a new website talk to your developer who will be able to set you up a ‘test site’ or ‘sand box’ so that you can play with WordPress without it affecting your actual website.

A big plus of an online CMS is the fact that you can login from any computer connected to the internet, this means that your developer, friends or even family will be able to login and help update the site if you are away or are having trouble.

Thinking about getting a WordPress website? take a look at the Simpsons Creative help website which shows you how to use the CMS  http://www.simpsonscreative.co.uk/help/wordpress/ taking you though the steps required – it will give you a good understanding of what you will need to know to be able to update the content on your website.

Blog post by Alex Wells

Blog post by: Alex Wells

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