Boost conversions with a landing page

two screens showing landing pages and A B testing

Landing pages are special pages on a website that have promoted a single marketing message, these landing pages let you focus your visitors attention on the message in the hopes of increasing conversions and make your website more effective.

Website landing pages work by reinforcing a specific message that your visitors my have already seen, for example in a magazine or advert, an example of this is a new product launch that features in a printed adverting campaign and directs users to a page specifically about the product. With the page focusing the users attention on a single message and call to action you help funnel them into the action you want them to take.

If you look at the examples its easy to identify the call to action the website wants you to make

The actual call to action can vary from buying a product or signing up for a service to simply signing up to a newsletter, no matter what the aim you can focus the information and users attention to boost conversion rates which will make your website more effective.

With landing pages having an effect in 92% of cases (source: with 43% rating them very effective its a technique that’s worth considering.

Something else to consider when starting out with landing pages is something called A/B testing – this basically involves creating two landing pages featuring different designs, copy, features or offers. This will leave you with landing page A and landing page B hence the name, the next step will be to monitor the results of the landing page looking at number of visitors and number of conversions.

From this data you will be able to see which of the two is performing better, at this point you could either ditch the under performing page and focus all of the traffic on the more effective of the two. Alternatively you could undertake a second round of testing by looking at what made the page successful in the first round and creating two derivatives of this in an attempt to make the page even more effective.

Looking at an example if in the first round you had two pages, one with a photo and the other with a video and the video page was more effective in the next round of testing you could try two different video styles. Another variation could be to take the video version and change the copy to see if it improves the conversion rate.

This A/B testing could go thought several rounds of testing each time making the landing page more and more effective with the goal of getting more and more users to perform your call to action, at the end of the process you will be getting more conversions then with your first landing page.

With that in mind its also important to point out that this A/B testing can be an ongoing task but with it increasing conversions its a worth while investment!

With these pages being different from the rest of the website it can work out to be a costly experiment however there are things you can do to limit the costs involved, to start with make sure your website lets you change the copy yourself with a CMS (learn more about CMS and WordPress here) as it will mean you can implement A/B testing with your content pages especially with WordPress being so easy to use.

Another key point is to have Google Analytics installed so that you can monitor the visitor numbers to your website, also make sure you know how you will be measuring the conversions from the pages.

Blog post by Alex Wells

Blog post by: Alex Wells

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