Help & Advice

A big part of being a web developer is helping clients to make the most of their website. This help and advice covers a large range of services from training on how to use WordPress to offering help and advice on what improvements they could make.

The most successful websites are those that are regularly updated and reviewed. Knowing how to do this is why it’s important to ask for help. Sometimes a few tweaks and changes can make all the difference.

Website help


When a new website is launched, there will be training given on how to use it. Additional training sessions can help give new users a crash course, but also help existing users deepen their understanding of the CMS.

Content updates

The CMS gives you control over the content on the website, but you are not left alone. As a web developer, helping clients to update content is part of my everyday jobs. Some clients have complex updates or do not update it regularly enough to need to learn how, in this cases updates can be done on their behalf helping to keep the website updated.

Advice is also given as to the best way new content could be added to the website, this could be new resources or additional sections to the website. Dealing with websites on a daily basis means I am able to offer web-based solutions for a wide range of content queries.  

Theme tweaks

The content of a WordPress website is accessible via the CMS, this does not extend to the theme itself. I can make changes and updates to themes as required keeping the website running smoothly as extra features are added or design areas updated.

Analytics/website statistics

Making heads or tails of the visitor statistics can be tricky, but this information is vital for fine-tuning your website and digital strategy. Google Analytics gives you a brilliant insight into who is visiting your website and what they are doing there. I regularly review websites statistics to offer help and advice on what areas should be focused on and which are performing well. Training Clients on how to access this information directly is also a key part of website statistics.

Web Consultant

I have over ten years’ experience working with clients to review and refine their requirements and offer web-based solutions. Getting key requirements defined is important to ensuring the solution meets the business needs and avoiding delays with new projects.

By taking the time to understand the business and the client, I am able to better fit solutions and offer alternative solutions that help integrate the website into the day to day running of the business.