Dropbox – save your files in the cloud for free!

In this post i will be looking at using Dropbox a free on-line cloud storage service that has a wide range of uses from backing up important documents to transferring files into your iPhone.

The first thing we will need to do is sign up for a Dropbox account here (use this link for extra free space!)

with an account created we can then install the software on our computer which is available here for both Windows and Mac

During the instal you will be asked for a location you want Dropbox to use as its ‘home’ folder – if you don’t select one it will be in My Documents.

Now the software has been installed and the folder set up anything you place in this folder will then be copied onto the Dropbox servers, if you update any of the files they will also be updated on the server.

So whats the benefit of all this? the most useful feature for most people is anything placed in this folder is now automatically backed up online so if anything happens to your computer you know your files are safe ans secure. Other uses for this service is using files across several computers, if you set up the software on 2 or more computers using the same Dropbox account anything added or updated on one computer will be automatically updated on all of the other computers as well.

To transfer files into your mobile device first place the files into the Dropbox folder on a computer, then install the Dropbox app on your mobile device after inputting your account details you will be able to view all of the files that are currently stored on your Dropbox account.

Blog post by Alex Wells

Blog post by: Alex Wells

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