Digital marketing

Your website is the single most important part of your marketing, but it can only realise its true potential with an effective Digital Marketing strategy.

Covering how to attract and keep interest in your website, product, brand and business. An effective strategy will help to maximise the impact of your website. A consistent brand image across all digital platforms will reinforce a professional brand image, covering Social Media, Emailers, Proposals, Templates and more.

A website sits at the heart of any marketing plan, be it digital or more traditional, it’s a quick and easy way to direct interested people to additional information or to start them down the sales funnel. Making the most of every opportunity to direct users back to your site is key, with a digital marketing strategy, as soon as you have them on your website you have unlimited real estate to convert visitors over to customers.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is identifying and optimising for every marking opportunity online. This covers the obvious with paid advertising, but also the everyday interactions that you have with your customers.

By carefully targeting these day-to-day interactions, you can give your digital marketing an enormous boost, without the continuous cost of pay per click advertising. As your marketing strategy develops, you can then look to increase these interactions and increase conversions of visitors to your website into customers or clients.

Digital Marking breaks down the interactions and looks at ways of maximising them. A key example is your email signature, a mundane everyday feature, are you making the most of it? Professional looking signatures give a better impression of you and your business, but they can also highlight services, offers or new products.

Done well, you can use these opportunities to sell and convert people without even thinking about it.

How it can benefit me

A strong digital strategy gives your potential customers a professional impression of you, not only with the first impression but with every interaction they have. Creating resources to maximise these opportunities not only improves the performance of them but also increases the options you have when talking to potential new customers.

Creating blogs or infographics to share on social media can be repurposed into a toolkit giving you professional looking graphics for presentations or for follow up emails to new customers.

A consistent brand image is key to consolidate your position, visitors who see it will value your brand more and give it more consideration with every new interaction helping again to convert them into customers.

With an optimised strategy in place, you will position yourself as a leader in your industry. This will boost your strategy further and will get your contacts working for you as well by sharing your digital content across their networks.

Simply put, done well digital marking will create new opportunities as well as maximising the existing ones.


The most important aim for all of your activity is to get your customers to come back, if you can’t convert them today keeping them engaged until tomorrow when you can make all the difference. Emailers are a keyway to do this, encourage users to sign up to your marketing list and you will be able to continue the discussion every time you send an emailer out.

Sign-ups can be encouraged by offering discounts or offers to subscribers, but also be providing something of value in exchange. Guides or cheat sheets for products and services are brilliant examples of this, you create the resource and offer it in exchange for the visitor’s email address. The guide itself helps to demonstrate your skills and expertise, but it gives you access to their email and the ability to prompt further interactions.

With your list in place and growing, offering regular high-quality content will not only help keep your subscribers engaged but will help to encourage them to share this with others getting them to market on your behalf to their networks. It also acts as a regular reminder of you and your services, so when the contact is ready to convert, they will reach out themselves!

Content creation

Planning out your digital marketing strategy means you can optimise your content creation, getting the most out of each new bit of content means you can be much more efficient. It also means you can access and reuse existing material to give it a real boost, user guides or product specs can be reformatted to use across social media, blogs, emailers and more.

Creating images for socials, infographics, video or animations can give you some powerful content that helps to appeal to a wider audience but also encourages users to share it linking back to your website and helping to push people into your sales funnel.