Website SEO with WordPress

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is vital for the success of websites of all sizes as it directly affects the number of visitors the website will receive from search engines such as google. Every website should have a SEO strategy in place to ensure that everything possible is being done to increase visitor numbers to the site, to start with it is important to ensure every page on your website has the correct meta information most importantly the Title and Description meta tags.

The Title description tag appears at the top of the users browser and if they bookmark your website it will be the title of the bookmark

but more importantly for SEO this is used as the title of your page in search engine results

This means that from a user ability point of view this information needs to be informative and encourage users to click on your link in a page of search results however it is also important that the title gives search engines the information they need to rank your website for relevant searches.

so lets look at some examples for a pizza restaurant in Cambridge.

‘the supper dupper amazingly fun place to eat’ – this is a bad example as it does not give any informaton on what the page is about

‘Harry’s pizza place, best pizza and pasta in Cambridge’ – this example gives users and search engines the information they need, search engines will know to rank the page for searches for pizza in Cambridge.

the next example is for a letting company in Harlow.

‘property number: 124656e3 from the essex office’ – This example is bad because it does not provide any useful information to users and sets the location to the agents office but the property could be anywhere within that offices region.

‘large office space in Harlow south street from Harrys lettings’  – this example lets users and search engines know that the page contains information on an office space that is located in Harlow.

these examples only illustrate the way in which title tags should be worded in reality they should be longer – around 50-80 characters


The description of the page is shown in search results under the title of the page

This means that like the title tag it needs to encourage users to click on the link but with information that will appeal to search engines as well, it follows the same methods as the title but should be a summary of the information on the page and slightly longer at around 140 characters

How to implement SEO using WordPress?

WordPress lets users update websites quickly and easily and as such is a popular Content Management System used on thousands of websites worldwide, implementing SEO on a WordPress website is very easy all you need to do is install a WordPress SEO plugin, my favorite example is SEO-Ultimate available on the WordPress plugin website.

with this plugin installed each page and post will have the option for adding the title and description.

all you need to do is enter the title and description into the fields and WordPress will handle the rest.