Social Media and Its Role in the Business World

There’s a good chance that you, your partner or someone in your family is already a member of a popular social networking website. I’m talking about the giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Apart from using them to socialise with friends and family, more and more businesses are identifying social media as a profitable platform to promote themselves.

The goal of business owners is to make money. Otherwise they’re in business for the wrong reason. The way a business makes money is by selling goods or services. In order to sell the goods or services, the public needs to be aware that it exists in the first place. This is where creating product or brand awareness through advertising plays an important role.

Curious yet? The title of this article would’ve already given you the biggest clue to what this method is. There are billions of Internet users out there and at least a million belong to a social network website.  Many small online businesses are already taking advantage of this fact. With a massive number of users, there has never been a better way to maximise your exposure, and get your message seen by a massive customer base.

Facebook is definitely worth a mention as it has a user base of over 901 million users. The best thing about advertising with Facebook is the flexibility to choose your target audience based on specific groups and information contained within their profile, such as gender, location and personal preference. You can guarantee to generate interest in your business, including the products or services you sell. Once you’ve created awareness and interest, the sales bit gets a little easier. As an online business owner, you should already know that without traffic your website is pretty much a dud.

Exploiting social media marketing is just plain smart especially if you’re a small business on a tight budget. What better way is there to reach millions of prospects all over the world and from one place? With the growth of the Internet and social media in the last decade, small businesses have been given the golden key to low cost marketing like never before. Facebook, Twitter and blogging are great economical ways to market yourself without the huge price tag normally associated with advertising.

If you haven’t yet embraced this method of advertising then you’re missing out big time. It is an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers and create awareness about your brand, product or service.

The only downside to social media marketing is that you have to be a bit savvier than just registering for every social media network website out there. If you’re not the Internet-savvy kind, it’s best to employ one who does so you can jump on the wagon and get your business rolling.

Blog post by Alex Wells

Blog post by: Alex Wells

Based in Saffron Walden, Essex, I have over 10 years experience in crafting bespoke websites for a wide range of clients, I love helping businesses and individuals achieve their digital goals through smart deployment of modern web technologies.

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