What are Domain names, and how do i chose one?

Domain names are vital to how the web works and we use them each and every time we visit websites, but what are they and how do you choose one? To understand what a domain name is and why they are important we need to look at how the world wide web works, a simple… Read more »

What are the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS)

With more and more users wanting to update the content of their websites themselves there has been an increase in the number of Content Management Systems (CMS) available for web developers to use, but with so many available which one should you use? In this post we will look over the top 3 freely available… Read more »

How to optimize websites for mobile devices (tablets and mobiles)

This post will look at what you can do to optimize your website for mobile visitors, mobile visitors are users who are accessing your website via a mobile device such as a tablet (iPad) or a mobile phone (iPhone). The number of users accessing the web via a mobile device has dramatically increased in recent… Read more »

How to add an iPhone icon to your website

In this post we will look at adding an icon to your website for use on the iPhone / iPad, these icons will be shown when users add a link to your website to their devices home page and makes the short cut look more like an app which means it fits in nicely with… Read more »

What is responsive website design?

One of the latest trends in website development is something called responsive website design, but what is it and why should it matter to the average user? Responsive website design Standard websites are designed for a fixed width to ensure they display correctly on the largest range of desktop / laptop computers, the size that… Read more »

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