Why is website hosting so important?

Hosting is an important part of running a website that many people overlook but it can have drastic effects on your websites performance if not taken into account! To start with let’s go over what hosting is so that we can understand why it’s important and how it can cause problems. Hosting is essentially a… Read more »

Boost conversions with a landing page

Landing pages are special pages on a website that have been created to promote a single marketing message, these landing pages let you focus your visitors attention on the message in the hopes of increasing conversions and make your website more effective. Website landing pages work by reinforcing a specific message that your visitors my… Read more »

Reduce the cost of a new website / redesign

When it comes to looking at a new website or a redesign the biggest issue is the cost of the project, but there are several things you can do to help reduce this by making it easier for your web developer to get on with the ‘real’ work. This comes down to the age old… Read more »

Just how easy is it to update your own WordPress website?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that enables people who do not know how to code websites to update their own website using a simple and easy to use ‘admin’ area. This system typically lets you update the copy on the website, add images and other media as well as updating and… Read more »

The ongoing process of running a website

A website project is a big undertaking no matter the size of your business it can involve allot of people both inside and  outside of your business and needs to be carefully managed to ensure the website is as effective as possible. One of the factors that define a successful website is the understanding that… Read more »

How to write good content

Content is vital to the success of any website project no matter what topic the site is covering without good content the site will not be able to attract visitors and without visitors there is no point in having a website in the first place, the content of the site is also what affects the… Read more »

The importance of personal projects

I consider myself lucky in that I do a job I love, programming and working with code is something I really enjoy doing and as a website developer I get paid to do it but unfortunately I do not get to pick and choose the projects I work on – this means that I do… Read more »

What is a Content Management System?

When building a website there are several methods we take – being a web developer part of my job is to look at the project and the client to decide which is the best way to build the website. Normally it boils down to two main options a static website or a website built with… Read more »

What is Content Strategy? and why should I care?

Being a website developer I know that content is important for many different reasons, from my point of view content is important because it is fundamental to a websites success as it directly affects the SEO performance of the website. To others content is important for marketing or for promoting a brand image however most… Read more »

How QR codes work

QR codes have taken the world by storm in the past few years, it all started with a few popping up on high tech items like phone instructions and IT product packaging but these days they are everywhere from bus stops to the fruit and veg section at your local supermarket. With more and more… Read more »

What is web hosting? and how to choose the right type

Every website you visit while browsing the web is hosted on some form on web hosting, web servers are specialised computer systems that leverage cloud computing and are set up with one purpose in mind – to host websites. This means that all aspects of the server have been created with websites in mind, generally… Read more »

Optimizing images on your website for SEO

Search engine optimization is an ongoing job, there is always more you can do to improve the ranking of your website in the search results. Once you have covered the basics of page title and descriptions as well as sorting out the content structure the next area you should look at optimizing is your use… Read more »

What is Google Analytics and how do I install it?

Google Analytics is a website tracking service that you can install for free on your website, this service when installed will monitor your visitors providing you with vital information on how many visitors your website is getting. The information collected is anonymous and you have no way of tracking down individual users however the data… Read more »

So what these SEO keywords my website developer keeps asking me for?

If you have a website or are in the process of starting a website development project you will probably of read or heard about keywords, especially when it comes to the websites SEO strategy but what are they and why are they important? Put simply keywords refer to the search terms people enter into Google… Read more »

Using WordPress as a website CMS

WordPress is a well known and popular CMS (content management system) for running blogs however it is also a solid CMS for running a website (even more so if it has a blog). While its true WordPress is targeted towards running a blog its more then capable of running a website as well. This website… Read more »

The uses of QR codes on a website

This blog post is going to look at the uses of QR codes on websites, firstly what is a QR code? QR codes are small squares of smaller boxes that users can scan using their smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry and android for example), when they scan the QR code they are given some information –… Read more »

What is a bespoke website and what are the benefits?

In this blog post we will be looking at a few different website design methods and exploring the benefits of each method to help you make the right decision for your next website project be it a website redesign or a new business just starting out with their first website. Do it yourself website template… Read more »

Social Media and Its Role in the Business World

There’s a good chance that you, your partner or someone in your family is already a member of a popular social networking website. I’m talking about the giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Apart from using them to socialise with friends and family, more and more businesses are identifying social media as a profitable platform… Read more »

Google Analytics – what can I do about not provided search terms?

In April 2011 Google started to block the users search queries in their own  website tracking software, this meant that website owners and developers like me can no longer look up the search terms people are using to find and visit my website. This restriction is only in place for users who are logged into… Read more »

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