Update August 2015 – A big thank you to everyone who has downloaded the plugin so far, i have just updated it to version 3.0 to bring it inline with some changes from WordPress and to tidy it up allot. Over 2,000 downloads and 100+ active instals according to WordPress’s stats.

Download from here

Admin-Colour is my first WordPress plugin, i created it while working as a website developer at Simpsons Creative located in Bishops Stortford. The plugin lets you change the admin menu in the wordpress admin area, The idea behind the plugin was to make it easier to identify the menu items when working on a new wordpress install. The new version of the plugin (2.1) lets users select some default colour schemes for the menu or create their own via a colour picker.

Example of Admin-Colour changing the admin menu

After installing the plugin and selecting the colours you want to use you will get used to looking for that colour rather then having to read the menu items to locate the section you want.

You can also use the plugin with the menu in its compact view – this means that when you are used to the colours you can use the compact view menu and still switch between sections quickly and easily.

Another use for the plugin would be to colour code the menu items to help new wordpress users find their way around – or even to identify pages they do not need to edit the default red / green colour scheme is an example of this.

Admin-Colour is available on simply download the .zip file and upload it to your wordpress powered website – alternatively search for admin-colour when adding a new plugin.

if you have any ideas for further development of the plugin please let me know, also if you would like your own colour scheme added to the default list leave me a comment or contact me via twitter  @alex_simpsons

Blog post by Alex Wells

Blog post by: Alex Wells

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